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Crafting a digital experience that can stand out from the crowd requires insight, agility, and a rather diverse set of skillsets. At Powell Design Group, we’ve spent almost three decades honing those skills, and true to the original plan for the agency, we’ve stayed lean and green with a Lover of How Things Look, a Wizard of How Things Work, and an incredible network of talent that journeys with us to the extraordinary.

Keeping our roof small gives our clients a distinct advantage over dealing with larger agencies; without worrying about having to keep our own staff busy, we’re free to focus on the things that matter more to you. Like making sure your staff stays busy.

We do digital like nobody’s business.

Our white-label business aside (helping other agencies with their staffing issues) we spend our time working with SME’s and Non-profits that need custom, cutting-edge work done on tight budgets and even tighter timelines. If you’d like to browse over 27 years of screenshots, we’d be happy to send a floppy your way.

The Canadian Rheumatology Association Foundation
National Lottery/Wordpress/Ecomm
National Campaign/Wordpress
App Development
Branding/Logo Design/Shopify
COVID-19 Gift Card Website

Marketing Strategy · Web Design · WordPress · UI/UX · Branding · Logo Design ·
Content Strategy · Social Media · E-Commerce · Analytics

We love helping local small business, and understand that for many owners, building and maintaining an online presence that taps into your value landscape can be time-consuming and extremely challenging. Indeed – many end up going to market with nothing but an email. If that sounds familiar, we can help.


Grab a 1-Hour call with our Creative Director and get a deep dive into where your business is at, how you see it growing in the future, and what an optimized strategy to help get you there should look like.

We’d love to throw our experience your way. Reach out if you’d like to chat: