A design and strategy shop from back in the day.

Launching a campaign that can capture the imagination takes a diverse skillset, cutting-edge agility, and a ton of experience. At Powell Design Group, we’ve spent almost three decades honing those crafts, and, true to the original vision for the agency, stayed lean and green with a Head of Creative, a Head of Tech, and network of talent that journeys with us to the extraordinary.

Keeping our roof small over the years gives you a distinct advantage over dealing with larger agencies; since we don’t worry about keeping our staff busy, we’ re free to focus on things that might matter to you. Like keeping your staff busy.

We do digital like nobody’s business.

White-label work aside, much of our time is spent working with SME’s and Non-Profits who need custom, cutting-edge work done within super-tight budgets and totally unrealistic timelines. If you’d like to browse over 28 years of screenshots, we’d be happy to send a floppy your way.

Some stuff we throw around:

Marketing Strategy · Web Design · WordPress · UI/UX Prototyping · Branding · Logo Design · Content Strategy · Social Media · E-Commerce · Analytics · Stress Relief

Love Local

Helping out local small business is a personal passion. For many owners, building and maintaining an online presence can be time-consuming and extremely challenging. Indeed – many end up going to market with nothing but an email address. If that sounds familiar, I can help.

The Owner

Sean Powell
Creative Director

Book a 1-Hour Strategy call and we’ll do a deep dive together; where you’d like your business to be in the future, and what an optimized plan to help get you there could look like. Once payment is received I’ll be in touch to set up a convenient time for us to chat.

Have work? Looking for work?

Got an upcoming project you’d like to knock out of the park? We’d love to throw our experience your way. Need a place to hang your digital hat for awhile? Reach out and maybe we can save the world together.

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